Unexpected visitor

Terry Delore decided to swing by and land at Hood in his beautiful ASW 27 Romeo Xray.

Attempting an out and return record, he launched from Omarama and flew south to Clyde his start point. Rocketing up to the top of the South island was no issue but the wave in the Wairarapa wasn’t up to the required standards and after turning his northern turn point of Kereru he found it was taking to long to gain the required height to punch into the strong head wind back over Cook strait. So after arranging for Jamie Halstead to fly up from Omaka with the Dynamic, he landed at Hood to eat a sandwich and shoot the breeze with the locals for an hour until the tug arrived. By which time his ballast dump valves had defrosted enough to dump his load of water. So with a wave and the mighty roar of the rotax in the Dynamic, he departed for the mainland.

The 27 enjoying the warmth.
The 27 enjoying the warmth.
This wasn't part of the plan this morning!
This wasn’t part of the plan this morning!

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