DG 1001 e Neo

Quality, performance, safety and all-round properties have been the most important attributes of our popular two-seater since the DG-1000 was released. With over 300 copies sold, the aircraft of the DG-1000 family are successfully used in all areas of gliding.

It was therefore a logical step for us to further develop this successful model. With the DG-1001e neo, the first double-seater with the popular FES drive now appears in series.

Also new is the 20m outer wing with neo-winglet. As with all other neo-winglets, the design was made by Johannes Dillinger and based on the latest aerodynamic knowledge.

FES system from LZ Design
30kW brushless motor with folding propeller
3rd generation LiPo batteries (16S, 75Ah, 8.9kWh)
Operation of the drive from both seats
New 20m outer wing with neo winglets
790kg MTOW
First flight in early 2020!