Air Comm Radio Module

  1. AIR COM – The next generation aircraft radio

    AIR COM is our next generation radio module with 8.33kHz channel spacing. It offers amazing functions in a small and lightweight form factor. It is controlled by an AIR Control Display, can be mounted on the control display or installed remotely using cable connections.


    Filled with new technology – easier than ever before

    AIR COM breaks new ground. Its small form factor and modern design is easy to install. AIR COM seamlessly integrates into the new product family of AIR Avionics devices. Depending on aircraft type and requirements – an AIR COM can be used with one or multiple AIR Control Displays and a VT-01 transponder.

    AIR Control Display

    Really Compact

    AIR COM will not only be the most compact fully certified aircraft radio on the market but also the lightest one. Its compact form factor and lightweight design makes it the ideal choice for small aircraft with space constrained cockpits. Despite its compact design, AIR COM features industry standard connectors and a robust all metal enclosure.


    Modern Technology

    AIR COM uses modern technology. It is by far the smallest and most lightweight aircraft radio unit on the market. The digital design makes a broad variety of functions possible, like intercom, audio mixing, or individual adjustments to sound input and output. AIR COM features simultaneous monitoring of two frequencies at once (“dual watch”) and an instant replay of recorded radio transmissions (“say again”).



    With optional connector adapters AIR COM can easily be retrofitted in existing installations without the need for new cabling. AIR COM will also offer an open protocol for the communication with third-party devices like navigation systems so that they can act as remote control for the radio.


    AIR COM and AIR Control Display can be installed as one unit with a depth of only 141mm or as two separate blocks. If chosen to be installed remotely, AIR COM can be connected to AIR Control Display using a cable. Standard cables are available, the maximum cable length is 10m.


    AIR COM is currently under development and certification. We work hard on releasing AIR COM as soon as possible in 2017. We expect units to ship before the 8.33kHz conversion deadline.