The newly developed Mode-S Transponder KTX2 incorporates latest technology – The result is a highly efficient airborne equipment, offering lowest possible power consumption, smallest dimensions and lowest weight. As a Class 1 Transponder with an operational range up to 35.000ft and 250kt the KTX2 is ideal not only for microlight aircraft and gliders, but also for a major part of aircraft of general aviation up to 12500lbs MTOW (VFR and IFR).

VT-01 – Our most versatile Mode-S Transponder

VT-01 Mode-S Transponder

The VT-01 series of transponders are modern Mode-S/ADS-B transponders for panel installation in the form factor of a standard 57mm (2,25″) instrument. Two output power classes and two housing variants are available. The VT-01 is our most versatile transponder and a cost effective solution for any type of aircraft.

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VT-2000 – Ergonomic High Tech Mode-S Transponder

VT-2000 Mode-S Transponder

The VT-2000 is a modern Mode-S/ADS-B Transponder in 6.25″ rack format. VT-2000 is a true Retrofit device. It can be installed as a direct replacement for the popular Bendix-king KT76 / KT76A/C series of transponders without any changes to pre-existent wiring and mounting trays. The integrated keyboard makes VT-2000 the most easy to use and operate transponder we know of: Squawk Codes are entered amazingly fast and easy.

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