The new Era of variometers

As the technology is reaching new extremes we have entered the new era of variometers. From precise nano sized hardware to gigabytes of space for your personalisation of your favourite device. The new LX variometers are developed with the logic and the knowledge you are missing elsewhere. By pushing up  the technology trends and merging with the knowledge base we are designing and manufacturing world wide used and competition proven high-end variometers.

Smart, digital and multifunctional variometers

57 mm / 80 mm (2.25” / 3.125”)
We strive to develop the best user experience for a demanding pilot who desires nothing but the best.
Graphic interface is designed with a minimalistic approach, driven by strong know-how and decades of experience in gliding and avionics.
The power behind the screen is what makes the Era stand out. With a reserve battery, IGC and ENL certification, Bluetooth and WiFi as standard, this is a no-compromise device.

Analogue needle variometer

57 mm / 80 mm (2.25” / 3.125”)
With a smaller display and simpler design, the Eos line of devices represent a less cluttered variometer with an analogue needle.
The smaller Eos 57 features Bluetooth, a smaller display and very simple user interface, while the larger one brings together all features of the Era variometers, with an analogue needle.
Helios 57

Basic analogue variometer

57 mm (2.25”)
A basic variometer with a single pressure input (Pst/TE) is an ideal solution for a club or legacy glider. Featuring navigation to the Take-off point, Flarm radar with warnings, Logbook, Thermal assistant and a built-in backup battery.

Variometers are the brain of the glider

Electronic variometer development reaches back to year 1975 and first prototypes of the device produced in LX called EV80 which is one of the first successful attempts of development and production.

Continuously, we lead the development of the gliding instruments to this day and beyond, with unique approach – bringing new features and functions to the pilot with intuitive and logic interface, to satisfy anyone from rookie to a demanding, competition pilot.