Safety is our number one priority

FLARM is a traffic awareness and collision avoidance system. With FLARM installed, you are alerted of both traffic and imminent collisions with other aircraft, so you can take action before it is too late.
Over 50,000 manned aircraft and many UAVs are already equipped with FLARM and the number is rapidly increasing.

The most affordable PowerFLARM

PowerFLARM Eagle

PowerFLARM Eagle is the latest PowerFLARM OEM product with full functionality and connectivity but at an affordable price, packaged into the smallest dimensions on the market.
Pilots can choose to upgrade the basic FLARM functions with IGC flight recorder, IGC + ENL flight recorder, Diversity module, Garmin TIS support, Bluetooth,  Transponder Mode “S”   and ADS-B in.
Take me from one aircraft to the other

PowerFLARM Eagle mobile

PowerFLARM Eagle mobile features the same functions as PowerFLARM Eagle but has also a built-in battery, LED display and audio beeper.
As it is portable, it is an ideal solution for a club or situation with multiple aircraft, sharing one PowerFLARM device.
A versatile Flarm display

Traffic monitor

Based on the LX 10K platform, the LX Traffic Monitor is our most advanced Flarm display unit. Compatible with all Flarm devices, it can easily connect with other LX devices over CAN or be a pass-through device with Flarm.
It comes in both 57 mm and 80 mm sizes and offers a Flarm radar page, Flarm warnings, voice module, navigation to airport and navigation to turnpoint, all with out intuitive, easy to use software.
Low power consumption Flarm LED indicator

LED display

A small and compact LED display for any FLARM or PowerFLARM device will work plug and play. LED display features LED indicators and an audio beeper for audio-visual indication and warnings in case of a potential mid-air collision.