LS8 neo

LS8-sc neo

Our LS8-sc
neo is the latest version of the famous Standard Class glider. Lots of modifications and improvements kept the glider modern and competitive during the last years. The LS8-sc neo shows a significant increase in performance and flight characteristics. The following features are standard:

  • 15m wing span with new DG Winglets, designed by J. Dillinger (new)
  • Small tail wheel  (Ø 150mm) incl. optimized fairing (new)
  • Optimized transition between vertical and horizontal stabilizer (new)
  • New instrument panel, suitable for LX9000/9070 (new)
  • All rudders sealed competition ready (new)
  • Parking Brake (new)
  • Wheel Brake connected to air brakes (new)
  • Mandl Nozzle (new)
  • Sustainer engine preparation
  • 5” landing gear
  • Wing parting for 18m wing extensions in series
  • LS10 safety cockpit and interior
  • Movable back rest incl. head rest
  • Wings and fuselage out of carbon composites
  • 190 liter water ballast system in wings
  • Big 7,5 liter fin ballast tank
  • Standard finish with T-35 UP Vorgelat
  • Nose and CG hook
  • Prandtl-Multi-Adapter (esa-systems)
  • 575kg MTOW at 18m wingspan
  • Automatic hookups
  • Continuous trim
  • Double storied air brakes incl. Pigott-hook
  • 2 mounts for batteries underneath the seat shell and one for a fin battery
  • Röger-hook


Technical Data LS 8-sc neo                                            15m               18m


wing area                                               m²                         10.5                     11.4

aspect ratio                                             /                            21.4                     28.4

fuselage length                                       m                                        6.72        

fuselage height                                       m                                        0,80        

water ballast (max.)                                l                                          190         

water ballast in fin (max.)                        l                                        7,5

max. take-off weight                               kg                           525                       575

max. wing loading                                   kg/m²                    50.0                   50.0

max. speed                                             km/h                                     280

best glide ratio  (at 525kg)                      /                           ~1:44                   ~1:49

min. sink rate (at 420 kg)                       m/s                         0.59                    0.51

empty weight incl. basic instruments      kg                       ~250                  ~255

wing load (pilot with 80kg)                      kg/m²                  32.0                   30.0



Flyer of the LS8sc neo