LS8-e neo – News for the start of series production

May 19, 2020 | DG Flugzeugbau News

We have developed the tried and tested LS8 to the LS8-e neo (FES). The factory prototype “71” has been extensively tested and has already been flown by many enthusiastic prospective owners. Based on the feedback received, some details on the aircraft will be optimized before the start of series production.

Here is the LS8-e neo review carried out by Stefan Langer last year

Our optimizations include:

  • A nose hook will be available as an option on the LS8-e neo and thus offers more comfortable aero towing thanks to better directional stability.
  • By moving the FES engine frame we were able to regain the original pedal position of the tried and tested LS8. As a result, we have created the same cockpit space as with all previously known LS8 series and ensure pilots more flight comfort.
  • By optimizing the battery/engine hatch cover, we have improved removal and installation with a single latch which needs no tools.
  • A change in the automatic propeller brake from the FES ensures a smooth stop and positioning of the drive system, even at low speeds.
  • Thanks to a flow-optimized air flow into the nose cone, we were also able to reduce ventilation and cockpit noise.

We are happy to be starting series production of the LS8-e neo this summer and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Are you interested in an LS8-e neo? Then contact us via your local agent NZSoaring Solutions.

We are currently converting an original LS8-t into an LS8-e. This means that in future we can convert every LS8 with an engine box to an LS8-e. Are you interested in retrofitting your LS8? Then contact us.

No fiddly Zeus fasteners anymore.