Internet down

On the 8th of December we lost our ADSL connection to the house and hanger. Which meant that no webcam and weather updates where possible. The reason was I was gullible enough to believe a salesman from another provider who promised something but delivered nothing. I went back to our original provider but due to the crappy attitude of a certain provider, I have had to wait until today when I received a visit from a couple of Chorus techs who have reactivated the broadband. I will now also have to wait a couple more days until I have my old phone number back as well. The good news is that Chorus have assured me I can get VDSL now which I plan to do ASAP. So happy days. P.S. Whoever got the VDSL modem that 2 Degrees sent to the wrong address. Please keep it as a token of my appreciation. 🙂 Thank you.

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