Display L

AIR Glide – Display L – Amazing Navigation, easy retrofit

Our largest Display (“Size L”) features an amazing, large 5.7″ screen with conventional and touchscreen controls. Display L gives you comprehensive and stunningly easy to use navigation, task-management, backup variometer indication, and traffic display capabilities.

AIR Glide Display L

Touching – Navigation as easy as it gets

Display L is the first panelmount gliding system to incorporate touchscreen controls. Its all new control concept called Hybrid Touch enables pilots to seamlessly switch between classic button controls and touchscreen based inputs.

AIR Glide Display L Display


The bright display provides a large moving map with clearly arranged symbology. The display features special technology making it sunlight readable and still draw less power than conventional displays of similar size. The integrated multi-touch touchscreen is error tolerant and easy to handle, even in turbulent weather.

AIR Glide Display L

Moving Map Navigation at its Best

Display L features stunningly intuitive navigation functions. Display L works just as you would expect it to do. It is designed like a smartphone. Menus, functions, and user interface elements will seem naturally familiar to you. Anybody can easily learn how to use it – in just a few seconds of time.

Amazing Features

AIR Glide Display L contains many easy to use functions that support the pilot and reduce workload effectively.

AIR Glide Display L Nav


Display L features a comprehensive worldwide navigation database with airports, airspace and landmark data, that is updated daily via www.openaip.net. Own waypoint, airport, and airspace data can be optionally imported.

Easy to use navigation features like the NEAREST or DIRECT TO function allow planning a flight-route in seconds. Navigation destinations can be selected from the map or in the menu seamlessly.

An accurate final glide computer calculates your glidepath based on wind, aircraft-polar, bugs, and current total-energy.

AIR Glide Display L Map

The Map

The map shows aeronautical data like airports and airspace plus a detailed topographical map with high resolution terrain data. The stunning map shows topographical features like for example mountains, rivers, or roads in amazing detail and clarity.

The map can be easily zoomed and fluidly moved, just like you’d expect from a modern device. It displays data in more detail when zooming closer, thus remains easy to read and interpret when being farther away.

Besides the normal Topographical map, standard aeronautical charts will be displayable as well (currently in development).

AIR Glide Display L traffic

Traffic and Obstacle Avoidance

AIR Glide Display L communicates with FLARM® compatible devices that are connected to itself or to another AIR Glide display in the aircraft. Traffic information is shown directly on the map.

Display L features a built in Obstacle database and displays obstacles based on their relevance. Relevant obstacles, that are obstacles on the current flightpath are displayed in detail so that they can be avoided more effectively.



AIR Glide Display L airspace

Airspace Avoidance

Display L is packed with airspace features that allow for easy identification and avoidance of airspace conflicts. The 3D airspace overview allows for quick and easy access to airspace information such as altitude limits and your relative position.

The clear airspace display with ICAO standard colors on the map and various sideview and airspace info boxes allows for effective airspace monitoring. With AIR Glide, pilots are capable of reacting long before potential infringements happen.

AIR Glide Display L Audio

Task Engine and Optimization

AIR Glide Display M and L feature well thought through optimization features for OLC, FAI and AAT. OLC and FAI tasks can be flown to optimal results. Assigned Area Tasks can be flown with high precision and perfect timing.

Task setup is easy and can be quickly performed by any kind of pilot. The smartphone-like usability allows even inexperienced pilots to set up and configure complex tasks in nearly no time.

AIR Glide Display L

We won’t stop here

Display L and L are the first products based on a whole new codebase exclusively developed at AIR Avionics. Several years of hard work have created a flexible, extensible and easy to use platform that is used in AIR Glide and also in AIR Flight, our certified glass cockpit solution for powered aircraft. The software is developed with and based on aviation grade technologies resulting in unsurpassed reliability.

Many amazing functions are not yet communicated and are to be implemented over time during the products lifecycle.

AIR Glide Display M and L videos

Airspace Overview

Direct To Lugano

Re-plan a route to circumnavigate an airspace