DG 808c Competition

DG-808C Competition

An excellent product was improved again!

From now on, our top-product will be available in 2 varieties.

Being an approved an established model, the DG-808C follows our bestseller DG-808B. This plane has everything needed for a “pleasure-pilot”. We made a successor of our “B”. Details can be seen here:

Similar to the DG-808S, we created a new type for ambitioned contest-pilots. In this connection, it would almost be justifiable to call it a new model-family since so many improvements and changes influenced its construction.

The term “DG-808B” or “DG-808S” has meanwhile reached a well-established reputation; for this reason we decided to maintain the name instead of calling it a “DG-900”, for instance. Hence, our new model in continuation of the reliable and approved is:

“DG-808 C Competition”

DG-808C above the factory in Bruchsal

The new “Competition”

  • Obtains an extra-load of 600 kg MTOW with an reinforced outer wing
  • Also a water-tank in the tail to compensate the Centre of Gravity
  • And a serially fitted safety-cockpit ( without any place cutbacks)
  • With a reinforced main wheel with stronger springs mounted
  • Plus the bug wiper-garage serially fitted (It’s a MUST for competition opilots)
  • And, most of all, has an entirely new electronics system, including the new and revolutionary engine-control unit DEI-NT

As new additional extras there will be available:

  • larger water-bags to achieve the maximum weight
  • new, improved winglets in the 15-metre wingspan configuration

Due to the number of improvements, development took slightly longer
and at the beginning, the model was called “DG-808C Competition”.

Technical Data and three dimensional side view of the DG-808C