Air Com and Transponder combo

A flexible product family


AIR Control Display, AIR COM, and our VT-01 Mode-S transponder are part of a flexible and modular product family. All systems can be combined on a single or multiple control displays, installations can be upgraded by adding devices at a later point in time.

AIR COM – 8.33kHz Radio Module

AIR Glide Display SAIR COM is our next generation radio module with 8.33kHz channel spacing. It offers amazing functions in a small and lightweight form factor. It is controlled by an AIR Control Display, can be mounted on the control display or installed remotely using cable connections.

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AIR Control Display – Control Unit

AIR Control Display






AIR Control Display is our newly designed control display for aircraft radios and transponders. It features robust hardware, a sunlight readable display and modern functionality. Air Control Display works well with many aircraft radios and Mode-S/ADS-B transponders. It is capable of controlling a radio, a transponder, or both simultaneously.

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VT-01 – Mode-S Transponder Module

VT-01 Mode-S TransponderThe VT-01 transponder is a modern Mode-S/ADS-B transponder for remote installation in a compact form factor. Two output power classes are available. The VT-01 is our flexible transponder and a cost effective solution for any type of aircraft.

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