Air Glide TRX 1090

TRX-1090- ADS-B and Transponder-receiver for FLARM® Installations

TRX-1090 has been developed to extend FLARM® installations. It can be directly connected to compatible systems, combines their data with own received Transponder/ADS-B signals and sends the result to connected display systems or moving maps. Next to FLARM® compatible displays and moving maps also GARMIN® TIS® capable devices may be connected.


Extend FLARM®

TRX-1090 is the ideal extension to existing FLARM® installations. With a TRX-1090 it is possible to easily add Transponder- and ADS-B traffic awareness to your current FLARM® compatible system. TRX-1090 is the affordable alternative to the purchase of a whole new collision avoidance device.

TRX Traffic

Traffic Detection

TRX-1090 receives the exact 3D-position of ADS-B Traffic as well as distance and relative altitude of transponders. Received traffic is intelligently mixed with traffic from connected FLARM® compatible systems and sent to displays or moving maps.



In addition to a FLARM®-compatible system and a Mode-S transponder for ADS-B out, TRX-1090 has two independent data channels for display systems or moving maps and one USB-port for connection to a PC.


Use ADS-B Now!

To receive Transponder/ADS-B singals the TRX-1090 does not have to be connected to a Transponder. Yet you can connect TRX-1090 to your existing Mode-S Transponder with direct NMEA Interface (just like our VT-series of transponders) and utilize its GPS Data to send ADS-B Data out (ADS-B out). With this professional solution you can already leverage the advantages of ADS-B today.

All advantages at a glance

  • Extends FLARM Installations to receive Transponders and ADS-B Traffic
  • Flexible installation due to compact design and many interface options
  • NMEA, USB and GARMIN® TIS® Interfaces
  • Easy setup and configuration via PC-Tool
  • Minor Change Approvals for installation together with FLARM® Systems available for many aircraft


Technical Daten


  • Dimensions: 115x73x28mm (LxBxH)
  • Weight: 0,15kg

Traffic detection

  • ADS-B Receiver (3D)
  • Transponder receiver (Altitude, Distance)


  • Input voltage 9V to 28V DC
  • Supply current typically ca. 0,13A at 12V
  • Supplies external display systems with 3.3V


  • RS232 NMEA for FLARM® compatible Displays and Moving-Maps
  • RS232 GARMIN® TIS® for portable GARMIN Moving Maps
  • USB for PC connection